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Girl Scout Cookies - Hemp Fuel Crumble - 1g


Hemp Fuel Logo.png Girl Scout Cookies Crumble

• 1g

• 96% Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble

• Terpene Infused

• Extracted from Hemp

• Trace THC   


• 85% CBD

• 4.5% CBG

• 6.5% Other Cannabinoids

• Child Proof Tub

Blackberry Gin Concentrate

£1.99 -25% £1.49

 Blackberry Gin Concentrate

Mix Ratio 15 - 20% 

Blackberry infused premium Gin

Captain Kernel - Funhouse Affair

£4.19 -10% £3.77

 Captain Kernel

10ml TPD E-liquid 

A Delicious Butter Popcorn, drizzled in a Sweet Caramel and Vanilla Twist


£4.19 -10% £3.77


10ml TPD E-liquid 

Crisp and juicy green Apple

Cherry Cider - Vintage Cider Shortfill


Vintage Cider Logo.jpgCherry Cider Shortfill 

A wonderfully modern cherry cider blend. This refreshing flavour is delicious on both the inhale and exhale. 

10ml Nicotine Shots Included For 3mg & 6mg Strengths.

Crimson Kiss - Summer Soda Concentrate

£1.99 -25% £1.49

Crimson Kiss Concentrate

Powerful cherry taste with a pleasing pomegranate chaser. A nice, fizzy edge all round. 

Mix Ratio 15 - 20% 

15mm Small Tactile Warning Labels


15mm Small Tactile Warning Labels

○ Label Size: 15mm diameter

○ Label Material: Gloss clear polypropylene

○ Label Adhesive: Permanent

○ Triangle Side Length: 10mm

○ Triangle Side Width: 0.8mm to 1.2mm

○ Triangle Depth: 0.25mm to 0.5mm

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Aspire Archon Mod 150w


 Archon is a new vape mod from Aspire. With a dual bay 18650 battery compartment, the mod can fire up to 150 watts of power.

Beserker - Clouds Of Valhalla Shortfill


Clouds Of Valhalla Lofo.png Beserker Shortfill 

This flavour has been loaded and the RELOADED with flavour! Mixed berries, floral aniseed and cool menthol are blitzed together in this famous flavour!

10ml Nicotine Shots Included For 3mg & 6mg Strengths.

500mg CBD Shot - Dope Goat Shots


Dope Goat Logo-01.png 500mg CBD Shot

○ 10ml bottle

○ 500mg CBD

○ Flavourless

○ 100% PG

○ Add to shortfills

○ 99.7% Pure CBD Isolate