Xtar MC2 Charger


Xtar MC2 Charger

○ Dual Cell Battery Charger

○ Includes USB Charger Cable



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The XTAR MC2 Charger Simple Kit is a cost effective and efficient charger.

The MC2 is essentially an MC1 charger with dual channels. The simple kit comes with the charger and a USB charge cable. Some notable features include its super compact and portable design. TC-CC-CV 3-stage charging method which slowly ramps up the charge rate, soft charges even nearly empty batteries, then uses CC/CV charging, and never hits batteries all-at-once.


Charge two batteries simultaneously and independently.

Intelligently identify input power and automatically adjust suitable charge current(0.25A/1.0A).

Applying to Micro USB interface for power supplying makes charging flexible and convenient.

LED indicators do real-time display of battery state.

Three-stage charge algorithm(TC-CC-CV).

Over heat protection. When operate in high temperature, MC2 will automatically lower charge current to prevent over-heating burns.

Built-in reverse-polarity and short-circuit protection circuit.

0V activation and soft-start function.

MC2 has under voltage lockout and self-start function.

Automatically stop when charge complete.

ABS durable material.

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