Coils, Wire & Cotton

Coils, Wire & Cotton

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Aspire Athos Coils A3 & A5


 1 X Athos A3 or A5 Coil.

The awesome power behind the Athos tank is harnessed through these epic coils. Suitable for use with the Athos tank.

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Wotofo Tri Core Fused Clapton 20ft Spool


  N80 Tri Core Fused Clapton (26x3+38)

This new line of quality wires are the same with our popular prebuilt coil series wires. With the pre-built coil series getting tons of positive feedback, demand of the wires keeps rising among vapers who prefer to wrap coils all by themselves. Now there you have it! High in quality, able to be configured to the most complex coil builds, perfect for delivering massive vapour production without sacrificing the flavour.

○ Tri Core Fused Clapton

○ Material: Ni80

○ Inner Core: 26gx3

○ Outer Wire: 38g

Aspire Breeze Coils 0.6Ω


 Aspire Breeze Coils 0.6Ω ( 5 Pack )

○ 0.6Ω

○ Kanthal Heating Element

○ U-Shaped Cylinder Structure

○ 100% Organic Cotton

○ Stainless Steel Construction

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Cotton Bacon V2


 Cotton Bacon V2

○ 10 pieces per bag.

○ U.S. grown dual fibre for optimal wicking and heat resistance.

○ GMP certified, traceable, medical grade 100% cotton. 

○ 4 inch length, heavy body, easy-to-use bacon strips.

○ No break-in. 100% tasteless wick. 

○ User-friendly, re-sealable travel-size package. 

Aspire Cleito 120 Coil 0.16Ω


 Aspire Cleito 120 Coil 0.16Ω

Aspire Cleito 120, these are high performance coils built for big clouds and big flavour.

○ 0.16Ω (100W – 120W)

○ Chimney Style Single Coil

○ Open Airflow

○ Large Wick Holes

○ Clapton Wire Coil

○ Organic Cotton Wick

○ Juice Spitback Shield

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Coil Master DIY KIT V3


Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is a perfect all-in-one kit for DIY users. All tools are High-Quality made to reach various needs of users.

Aspire Cleito Exo Coil


 Aspire Cleito Exo Coil 0.16Ω

○ 0.16Ω (50 - 120W)

○ Optimum wattage 60W - 100W

○ Chimney style design

○ Open airflow

○ Large wicking holes

○ Japanese organic cotton wick

○ Juice spit back shielding design

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Aspire BVC Coils 1.6Ω


 Aspire BVC Coils 1.6Ω ( 5 Pack )

○ 1.6Ω

The Aspire multi-compatible BVC coils for use with the K1 Clearomizer Aspire CE5, Aspire ET-S and the Aspire K2 quick Start Kit.A Slightly different design to that of the Nautilus BVC, but the same technology that makes them so good.


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Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils


 Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils 0.4Ω, 1.6Ω & 1.8Ω

Aspire Nautilus coil heads for the Mini Nautilus, Original Nautilus & K3 Quick Start kit. New and innovative Vertical Coil heads offer a unique design making these atomizer heads last longer than other Aspire coils.

Aspire Prebuilt Clapton Coils


 Aspire Prebuilt Clapton Coils 0.8Ω - 0.9Ω ( 6 Pack )

Advanced flavour and huge vapour production are guaranteed with these super-high-quality pre-made Aspire clapton coils. Precision wrapped in a sterile environment, these high-wattage-ready clapton coils are perfect for advanced build configurations in rebuildable RDA and RDTA atomisers.

Each bag contains 6 x pre built clapton coils.

Each single clapton coil carries the following specification –


○ 26 Gauge core

○ 35 Gauge wraps

○ 2.95mm Inner diameter

○ 0.8Ω – 0.9Ω resistance per coil

Doc Cotton Pouch



Doc Cotton Pouch. With the two pre built coils coming with the cotton, this makes the perfect accessory to keep in your glove box or car for those emergency re-wicks.