Mouth To Lung (MTL)

Mouth To Lung (MTL)

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Aspire CE5 Clearomizer


 CE5 BVC Clearomizer

Gives excellent taste and vapour production, highly recommended.

Now utilises the new BVC multi-compatible coils from Aspire.

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Aspire CE5-S Clearomizer


 CE5-S Clearomizer

The CE5-S is an upgraded version of Aspire CE5 Clearomiser it has an exterior metal sleeve surrounding the tank with two small windows that allow you to see how much liquid is left in the 1.8ml tank.

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Aspire K3 Tank


 K3 Tank

Black or Stainless Steel finish.

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Aspire Nautilus X Tank


 Nautilus X Tank

Available In Black Or Gold. The Aspire Nautilus X represents the peak of the Aspire atomizer development curve. Specially designed to provide a premium vaping experience with increased flavour, and unique U-Tech coil technology for all-new airflow performance, this is the future of micro tanks.

Innokin T18E Tank


The Endura T18E tank from Innokin. Perfect for mouth to lung Vapers and for people who has just made the switch from smoking to vaping.This is not a Sub-ohm tank but designed to offer the most enjoyable vaping experience possible. It is available in White and Aquamarine.This is the EU version T18E – Will only work with T18E coils and not T18 Please keep in mind that coils should be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks, ideally before the E-Liquid starts to change the taste or the device stops producing vapour