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Banana & Peach Schnapps - Excel CBD 10,000mg CBD/CBG 120ML


EXCEL lOGO.png Banana & Peach Schnapps CBD/CBG E-Liquid

Containing a whopping 10’000mg split evenly between CBD and CBG and some exciting new flavours, Excel is the perfect way to calm the body and sharpen the mind in a truly delicious vape. Excellence has arrived!

Soft banana and sweet peach come together in this wonderfully smooth vape!

• 120ml

• 10,000mg (CBD 5000MG / CBG 5000MG)

• 70PG/30VG

• Flavour Infused

Blazed - Gorilla Gloop CBD 600mg



Apple topped with a buttery Oat and Honey crumble, dripping in luxury creamy Custard.

○ 10ml

○ 600mg CBD

○ 70PG/30VG

Blastberry - Slushy AF - 5000MG - 120ML


 Blastberry CBD E-Liquid

An outrageously fruity Strawberry, Raspberry & Cherry Slushie.  

○ 120ML

○ 5000mg CBD Isolate

○ 70PG/30VG

Blood Orange Passion Fruit - Dope Goat Deluxe 10,000mg CBD/CBG 250ml


Dope Goat Deluxe Logo.jpg Blood Orange Passion Fruit CBD/CBG E-liquid

Vibrant blood orange and smooth tropical passionfruit wonderfully compliment each other in this cool sweet flavour!

After the amazing success of our Dope Goat Drip CBD E-liquid, we have been working hard to bring you our Dope Goat Deluxe range.

A new Premium mix of CBD & CBG isolate with a whooping 5000mg CBD & 5000mg CBG with 5 new flavours available.

• 250ml CBD/CBG E-liquid

• 70pg/30vg

• 10,000MG ( 5000MG CBD / 5000mg CBG )

Acid Bath - Breaking CBD Series 1000mg


 Acid Bath

Acid Bath elevates the classic Lemon & Lime combo to a new high. Powerful and fruity, decadent and lavish.

○ 50ML

○ 1000mg CBD

○ 50VG/50PG